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New Patient Video - Functional Medicine
New Patient Video - Chiropractic

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Chiropractic Adjustments & Your Thyroid

Stomach, Digestion & Gut Issues

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Chiropractic Care For Auto Accident Injury

Conditions We Treat

ADD/ADHD - Auto Accidents - Whiplash - Autoimmune Conditions - Bulging, Herniated or Degenerative Disc - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Chronic Back Pain - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Chronic Neck Pain - Chronic Shoulder & Arm Pain - Diabetes - Dystonia / Tremor Disorder - Food Sensitivities - Hand or Foot Pain - Failed Back Surgeries - Fibromyalgia - Insomnia - Migraines - MS - Natural Hormone Balancing - Numbness / Tingling / Burning - Peripheral Neuropathy - Restless Leg Syndrome - RSDS - Sciatica - Spinal Stenosis - Thyroid - Tinnitus / Ear Ringing - Vertigo / Dizziness & Balancing Problems - Weight Loss

Dr. Alukonis DC,DABCO

Treating the root cause.

Dr. Alukonis provides a multi-faceted approach of healing that can be applied to anyone tired of dealing with debilitating migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, vertigo, balance disorders, peripheral neuropathy, or thyroid issues. He utilizes the latest in advancements in neck, low back, mid back and disc herniations and pertrusions. Conditions he can address employing ground breaking procedures using Cold Low Level Laser include carpel tunnel, plantar facitis, severe headaches, and others. Dr Alukonis enjoys helping those that have suffered for years finally find relief and restored health at the Cocoa Beach Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Headquarters, Space Coast Advanced Health.


Dr. Alukonis also specializes in understanding the human brain, as well as, the relationship between the brain chemicals, hormones, and the related chronic conditions. He helps children who are struggling in school with ADHD, focus, attention and concentration problems. He looks for the source of the problem with metabolic testing and determines if food sensitivities, including gluten intolerances, may be having a neurological impact. Dr. Alukonis is a certified provider in Interactive Metronome. This assessment and training program was developed to directly improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning and sequencing; this in turn strengthens motor skills, and cognitive capacities such as planning, organizing and language. Dr. Alukonis is passionate about working with parents and children to develop a successful learning environment that allows their grades and self esteem to soar. Dr Alukonis is a Cocoa Beach Local who has been practicing in the area for 25+ years.

Patient Testimonial

"Dr Alukonis and Jenn are amazing!  My care has been amazing - very caring and empathetic to my issues with great solutions.  Quick and friendly front office.  I would recommend this office to anyone that is experiencing any chronic conditions or pain.  I'd been to my GP's office on and off again over the past year + without any solutions.  One visit with Space Coast Advanced and I'm on a plan to make me feel better." - Sarah M. of Merritt Island, FL.

"Dr. Alukonis is very keen at meeting your specific needs. He stuidies your spine in order to correct the issues that pertain to you. Best chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know" - Mark A. of Cocoa Beach, FL.

"Very helpful staff and great supplements offered. The fact that they look at the whole body and treat you accordingly is a plus."  - James M. of Cocoa Beach, FL.

"Dr. Alukonis, Jenn, Haley and PJ are so awesome.  The energy in the office is always good, they are all very helpful and full of knowledge.  I only wish I found them sooner, I highly recommend them to all individuals whom have Auto Immune Disorders, Digestive issue, insomnia, anxiety, stress and so much more.. It all begins in the GUT our immune system.  Trust is key and so is Quality and if you want those 2 things then you have come to the right office." -Jamie M. of Melbourne, FL.


"He is the best I have been to. I tell all my friends to go see him and all my family see him." - Philip D. of Cocoa Beach, FL.

"Diagnosis was absolutely correct and wellness plan included NO MEDICATION.  Jenn is fabulous and I envy her energy. Haley and the other staff memebers are courteous friendly efficient and fun." - Lee F. of Cocoa Beach, FL 


"I am so grateful for Dr. Steve Alukonis and his staff for their kindness, and helping my back to heal! I am also very thankful for the lessons I learned through this injury. I was so upset and I beat myself up a lot, but now looking back I see it turned how to be this really great thing. I learned so much about myself and about yoga that I wouldn't have if I haven't been injured. I feel like I see things a little more clearly now, and I am filled with more love and happiness because of it. 'I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.' " Christina C. of Cocoa Beach, FL.

testimonial anchor

A big thank you to Tom for sharing his experience in this video testimonial. He has been a pleasure to work with as well as a shining example of what Functional Medicine can do!

A big thanks to Bonnie for sharing this testimonial. We are always here to help and It warms our hearts to hear such kind words. Thank You!

      Dr. Steve Alukonis DC, DABCO    


 Merritt Island Office

 2235 North Courtenay Pkwy Suite 4A

Merritt Island FL, 32952

321-425-2519  FAX 321-425-2523

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