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Space Coast Advanced Health uses Cyrex Laboratories for Gluten Testing.

What Doctors are saying about Cyrex Array 3 Testing

"We run Array 3 on every functional medicine patient. We never run any other labs' gluten/wheat reactivity tests anymore because we believe that we get far too many false negatives. While other labs are running ab reactions on alpha gliadin only, Cyrex Array 3 shows the reactions to several gliadins and other wheat proteins. Close to 50% of the Array 3 tests come back negative for alpha gliadin, but highly positive for the others. Running the transglutaminases also helps patients see what tissue groups may be affected by these inflammatory reactions, which helps drive home the importance, if gluten reactive, of staying away from gluten for life. Great for compliance!"


—Stephanie J. Chaney, DC & Thomas A. Chaney, DC, authors of Lose the GLUTEN, Lose Your GUT. Ditch The GRAIN, Save your BRAIN.

The Cyrex System

Each patient is unique. 

In this new era of personalized functional medicine, Cyrex Labs focuses on the evaluation of each patient's immune system.


  • Predictive antibodies - Identification of indicators or precursors

  • Barrier permeability - Evaluation of blood brain and intestinal barrier integrity

  • Reactivity triggers - Identification of potential dietary and environmental triggers


Cyrex Double Assurance

Cyrex Labs has created and implemented an exclusive quality-control system called the QC2 Dual Quality Control Verification.

  • Every sample is run in duplicate to ensure both the quality of the plate and that the reagents are working correctly. This process is performed on every single plate.

  • If any plate does not pass quality control, then the plate is repeated.

  • If quality control passes and a patient sample does not, the patient is repeated in quadruplicate to ensure consistency of results.

  • Reference ranges are established through testing more than 100 patients for each specific antigen.

  • Cyrex Labs triple-checks all quality control parameters and patient results before release.

Case Study Results Show Importance of Array 4 Testing

Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors
Toronto, Ontario
November 12-14, 2010


Reaching across the border, Cyrex Laboratories traveled to Canada for the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) convention and tradeshow November 12-14, 2010.  This year’s theme, “Cracking the Chronic Disease Epidemic,” prompted OAND to invite Cyrex’s Scientific Consultant, Aristo Vojdani, Ph.D. to deliver a keynote lecture to more than 400 attendees.  Dr. Vojdani presented, “From Immunity to Autoimmunity: Preventing the Onset of Chronic Disease.”  During his lecture, he showed the results of his in-house studies that inspired the development of the arrays offered by Cyrex.  

The most compelling case was that of a patient who had undergone root canal and dental implant work.  Within 60 days, the patient went from having a healthy gut with no food sensitivities, to a patient with severe intestinal permeability and multiple food intolerances.  The combination of emotional stress and the prescribed antibiotics, pain medication, and antacids contributed to the clinical conditions.  The “before” and “after” results apparently surprised the audience.  The patient’s improved test results, after the implementation of a tailored diet─based on Gluten-Associated Sensitivity and Cross-Reative Foods from Cyrex’s Array 4─seemed to convince practitioners of the importance of Cyrex’s next-generation testing services, according to a company spokesperson.





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cyrex array 4
cyrex array 4

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