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Get A Discounted Thyroid Consultation and Priority Scheduling (jump the waiting list) at Space Coast Advanced Health.

 You are just suffering with a Thyroid problem that nobody has cared enough about to treat properly. You deserve better. We specialize in getting to the root of the problem, and in many cases the actual problem is not what you would have ever thought. I know you need help, and I want to make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity.


So if you show me that you are a person of action, someone willing to take a step forward and be empowered in your health care, by filling out the form, I am going to give you a Discounted Consultation in my office to discuss your case and show you how our revolutionary Thyroid treatment approach can help you. I am also going to assure that you get priority scheduling. Often times we are booked way out ahead of time. I am going to leap frog you to the front of the list, and get you in as soon as possible.

      Dr. Steve Alukonis DC, DABCO    


 Merritt Island Office

 2235 North Courtenay Pkwy Suite 4A

Merritt Island FL, 32952

321-425-2519  FAX 321-425-2523

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